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LRN Test Development

LRN Test Development (LRN Item Writers)

Item writers are initially expected to have sufficient background in test writing or materials development and CEFR so that they can produce quality items/questions that rflect the relevant CEFR levels. All item writers are trained to LRN's standards proir to starting work, with monitoring procedures in place.

The requirements for item writers are:

At least 5 years experience of teaching EFL or levelling in an EFL setting Essential
DELTA qualified /MA in applied linguistics/English Language Testing Essential
Knowledge and experience of item writing Essential
Hove sound, working knowledge of the CEFR Essential
Demonstrate strong attention to detail in relation to levels & skill sub sections in the CEFR Essential
Be able to work to tight deadlines Essential
Good knowledge of assessment and testing mechanisms (in linguistics) Desirable
Knowledge of grade setting Desirable
Work as part of a team & also independently Desirable
Creativity Essential
Competent user of Microsoft word, excek and other applications Desirable
Have good interpersonal skills Essential
Continued commitment to CPD Desirable


Yearly monitoring takes place and a recoord is kept. During the monitoring session the following points are observed: punctuality, teamwork (if relevant), attention to detail, apperrance, responsiveness, flexibility, knowledge of regulations, basic knowledge of LRN. suggestions for improvement or ree-training are the offered if necessary. LRN item writers get regular feedback from LRN's co-coordinator related to their performance. All item writers undergo an annual performance review through LRN's appraisals process.