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Test Centre Auditing

Test Centre Auditing

Centres are expected to preform an annual internal audit, the results of which they submit to LRN. In addition, LRN will send an officer to carry out an external audit of the centre once a year. This process is likely to take up to two days. LRN's officer works with the centre at this time to determine to what extent the centre is meeting LRN's requirements, identify issues with the centre (if any), and devise an action plan to bring the centre more closely into compliance with LRN's standards if this is deemed necessary. In addition, unannounced audit visits will be carried out carried out by LRN.

Mystery Shopping

LRN conducts Mystery shopping, where 'mystery candidates' will visit centres on our behalf posing as 'real candidates' to evaluate the service, quality and impression that your centre offers. Mystery shopping is an indispensable tool used to improve business in many ways including:

Adhering to the policies, processes and procedures set by LRN
Provide feedback on the level of customer service
Measure employee integrity and client safisfaction
Quality and comfort of facilities
Level of professionalism displayed by centre staff
The level of compliance the centre is delivering on behalf of LRN